Skaties AMIGO TV dažādās istabās vienlaicīgi par to pašu cenu
  • Pērc AMIGO TV Dekoderi un skaties uz TV

    Pērc AMIGO TV Dekoderi un skaties uz TV

    Visi labākie un populārākie kanāli Tavā televizorā
  • Skaties mūs TV un datorā

    Skaties mūs TV un datorā

    Visi kanāli vienkopus sākot no £4.00 mēnesī
  • Non-Stop Mūzikas Kanāli

    Non-Stop Mūzikas Kanāli

    MTV, VH1, RU-MUSIC, Mezzo, Europa Plus TV, A-One, OTV Music
  • Multfilmas un Raidījumi bērniem

    Multfilmas un Raidījumi bērniem

    Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Disney, Boomerang, Baby TV, Disney Junior, Pixel TV, Jim-Jam

Informācija priekš IPTV Dīleriem

A unique way to earn money for our Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian IPTV dealers.

You can earn a percentage of getting new customers for AMIGO TV Service. We will pay you 20-30 % or more of all subscriptions.

Your customers will be pleased with our service , and you can make extra money !

The Dealer Program Scheme is very simple:

You, as our dealer, purchase subscriptions and equipment with dealer discount, we deliver you everything you bought and you start to sell our services and equipment to your customers. All that you have earned receive directly from your client.

How dealer earns from the sale of IPTV subscriptions ?

Dealership, constant or part-time , can bring you every month from 1000 to 5000 GBP extra income. Operating with large quantities of goods , you can expect higher profits through bulk discounts for dealers.

Want to become a dealer ?

Contact us – fill out Contact Form below:


Dealership Request

Dealership Request

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