• Watch us on TV with set-top box

    Watch us on TV with set-top box

    Buy AMIGO TV Set-Top-Box and watch all channels on TV
  • Watch us on TV and laptop

    Watch us on TV and laptop

    All channels in one place from £4.00 per month
  • Channels for Children

    Channels for Children

    Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Disney, Boomerang, Baby TV, Disney Junior, Pixel TV, Jim-Jam
  • Non-Stop Music Channels

    Non-Stop Music Channels

    MTV, VH1, RU-MUSIC, Mezzo, Europa Plus TV, A-One, OTV Music




  1. Is Your service available in Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuaunia or Russia, Ukraine, Belarus?
    NO we do not offer our service in these countries.
  2. I would like to try your service 3 days for free before buying. What I need to do?
    You will need to register on our website and apply for free 3 days test. Do not forget to provide your Personal Client Number – ID.
  3. How to buy TV Package Subscription?
    If you have already registered on our website, go to my account , abonementi / izveidot.
  4. Which payment methods do you accept?
    At the moment we accept Paypal.
  5. I have paid, but TV channels are not working
    After payment, you will need to create TV PACKAGE subscription -  PERSONĪGAIS KABINETS / ABONEMENTI / IZVEIDOT.
  6. What’s the minimum system and Internet requirments to use your service?
    Minimum system requirments, to watch TV is Pentium 4 2.8Ghz, internet speed must be at least 2Mbit/sec.
  7. How can I check my Internet Speed?
    You can check your Internet speed in our website here.


  1. How to register on AMIGO TV website?
    To register on our system, you need to click on link “My Account” – Register and fill registration form.
  2. Do I need to fill all registration fields?
    Yes. So we can provide You technical support in good quality.
  3. How can I change adult password and other account settings?
    Please Log into “My Account” and press link – “Profils”. Follow Instructions. Default adult password is 1111


  1. TV Channels not working right – stops, delays, flickers etc
     Most likely, your internet speed is slow to watch TV in high quality. Please check your Internet speed on our website.
  2. TV Channels working – Blank screen and NO PLUGIN: error
    Please install and activate VLC Media Player Plugin in your browser.
  3. How can I watch TV Channels on TV?
    If you want to watch our television on your TV, you need to buy AMIGO TV SET-TOP box in our shop.
  4. What version of VLC player is required to watch your TV online?
    For quality viewing of TV channels you need to download and install VLC Media Player 1.0.5


  1. Setting up AMIGO TV SET-TOP Box

    1. Connect set-top box MAG-250 with LAN cable or via WiFi network to Internet.
    2. Connect set-top box MAG-250 with HDMI or 3RCA (red, white, yellow) cable to your TV.
    3. Connect set-top box MAG-250 power supply to electricity.
    4. Prepare set-top box MAG-250 Micro remote control – insert provided batteries.
    5. Turn on your TV. With a remote control switch on set-top box MAG-250 – press the red button on the top left on your remote.
    6.  Start TV by clicking AMIGO TV icon, wait until TV screen will show window where you need to enter your username and password, and select language.
    7. For text input, press the remote control button “KB”. It’s located in the upper right corner of remote control. To close, press the button “KB” again.
    8. With remote control enter your username and password, select your language and click “OK”. Switch from one window to another can be done with channel button “CHANNEL + / -”.
    9. If the screen shows that your username and/or password are incorrect, please press “MENU” button, then “Exit” and sign in again.
    10. If the screen displays to update Firmware – Press the “OK” button.
    11. If you have an HD Ready or FULL HD television, you have to press the button “SETUP” twice – button on the remote control. This opens a portal with different applications such as: YouTube, Picasa etc. Press again “SETUP” will open the window “Settings”. Select the menu item “Video Output Mode”. Choose an Option 720p (HD ready TV) or 1080p (Full HD) and click “OK”. Choose “Graphic resolution” – “Same as video.” Then press the “reboot”.
    12. On TV Screen, you should see the channel list. With the remote control to select channel, press “OK” button. The button “Exit” can help you re-open the channel list and select a different channel, confirm your selection by pressing the button “ОК”.
    13. SET-TOP Box can be turned off by pressing the red button on remote control at the top left corner.

  2. Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) connection.
    1. No Dekodera MAG-250 izņemt LAN tīkla kabeli, ja tāds tur atrodas. Blakus tam USB portā ievietot WIFI USB adapteri.
    2. Dekoderi MAG-250 ar sprieguma adapteri pieslēdziet elektrotīklam.
    3. Ieslēdziet dekoderi. Kad parādās galvenā izvēlne, spiediet uz pults “SETUP”,
    4. Tālāk spiediet uz „NETWORK” .
    5. Spiediet uz „WIRELESS (Wi-Fi)”, tālāk „OK”.
    6. Spiediet uz „AUTO” (DHCP).
    7. Spiediet „SCAN”.
    8. Parādīsies pieejamie bezvadu interneta pieslēgumi – izvēlieties savu bezvadu wifi tīklu un spiediet „OK”
    9. Parādīsies logs, kurā jāieraksta sava bezvadu interneta – wifi parole. Ievadiet paroli. Ja bezvadu tīkls nav aizsargāts ar paroli, tā nav jāievada.
    10. Ja pie bezvadu tīklu wifi skenēšanas netriek atrasts  Jūsu internets, spiediet „EXIT” un atkārtojiet visu vēlreiz.
    11. Akceptējiet savu interneta paroli un spiediet „REBOOT”.
  3. SET-TOP Box Firmware Update
    1. Ieiet sadaļā “Sistēmas iestādījumi” nospiežot uz pults pogas – “Setup”.
    2. Tālāk izvēlamies SOFTWARE UPDATE.
    3. Linka laukumā HTTP izmantojot virtuālo klaviatūru (poga “KB” uz pults) ierakstam – http://app.file-teleport.com/mag250/amigo-tv/imageupdate
    4. Ja šis teksts jau ir ierakstīts, tad pārrakstīt nav vajadzības.
    5. Spiediet uz pogas VERIFY  tad START UPDATE.
    6. Ja pārbaude bija veiksmīga, tad jūs redzēsiet informāciju par tekošo programmatūras versiju etc.
    7. Pēc sistēmas veiksmīgas atjaunošanas, ierīce automātiski pārlādējas.
    8. Jūs esat veiksmīgi atjaunojis AMIGO TV dekoderi!
  4. Remote Control Manual
     The remote control manuals can be found here (rus) and here (lv)