• Watch us on TV with set-top box

    Watch us on TV with set-top box

    Buy AMIGO TV Set-Top-Box and watch all channels on TV
  • Watch us on TV and laptop

    Watch us on TV and laptop

    All channels in one place from £4.00 per month
  • Non-Stop Music Channels

    Non-Stop Music Channels

    MTV, VH1, RU-MUSIC, Mezzo, Europa Plus TV, A-One, OTV Music


    Watch AMIGO TV in multiple rooms - Enjoy TV in different rooms, at the same time for same price
  • Channels for Children

    Channels for Children

    Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Disney, Boomerang, Baby TV, Disney Junior, Pixel TV, Jim-Jam

Amigo TV – Best Solution for Russian, Latvian, Lithuaunian IPTV Channels


AMIGO TV  – Over 200 Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian IPTV channels on your TV screen.

Internet Protocol Television IPTV is the new way of watching TV on a system that has Internet available. Due to improvements in Internet speed,  IPTV has been made possible to watch in every household.

Thanks to Amigo TV IPTV service, now you do not need to install at home big satellite antennas, dishes, cables, tuners and receivers and spend money on expensive subscription packages of cable or satellite television, or search and download your favorite online movies and TV shows. No satellite TV engineers and messy cables needed, now all is done by yourself.